Betty Chisolm Hutzler

"Mississippi Innocents is a delightful step back in time."

Mississippi Innocents is a Southern Gothic Novel set in the Mississippi Delta at the turn of the  twentieth century.  It was inspired by the stories of my mother and her childhood on a Plantation called Boone Deadening in Washington County, Mississippi.  It draws from the rich cultures of the delta, including the Black, Choctaw, and her own as a descendant of early white settlers.  Her ancestors came to America in the 1600's from Bavaria, settling in the Virginia/Pennsylvania area and eventually migrating south.  These stories from my mother are woven together with my imagination, my own childhood experience and that of my siblings into one continuous story.  There is a spirituality in the South that does not exist outside that region.  How else can you account for the The Blues, Jazz, Poetry, Novels and the rich Southern Genres that have impacted the entire world and influenced so many artists?  I maintain that they are products of the rich crucible of cultures and spirituality of the South.  I hope you enjoy the journey through this book and that it enriches your life and brings you joy.     Betty Chisolm Hutzler


If you grew up in the South, the new book Mississippi Innocents by Betty Hutzler, will evoke memories of childhood games, familiar landscapes, secret hiding places and comfort foods.
The experiences of daily life of a century and a half ago, myths and legends add an air of mystery to the touching recollections of the author's mother. The overall impression of the book, however reveals the close relationships that often existed between the former slaves and the plantation owners on the Mississippi Delta of the 20th century. It is a warm nostalgic view of the Old South.
-- Ann Schmid

Loved the book, particularly the suspenseful episode about Luther and his being spirited out of the County by Boat Guarr. I wondered what happened to Luther? I loved it. It was an easy read and flowed. I'm not a literary critic and I don't know what (Hutzler) has or what it is, but she has it. I hope she keeps writing and doesn't stop. Mississippi Innocents was an outstanding book! I have passed it along to my family and friends. I look forward to Betty's next masterpiece. The next time I see her, I will bow in her direction.
-- Judge Pat Boone

Mississippi Innocents is a delightful step back in time.  It takes you into the lives of a Southern family. You see things through the eyes of a special, almost magical, little girl.  It's a wonderful novel.
-- Mary Jane Hardy, Author

I just finished reading your wonderful book. Absolutely loved it! You write very well! I'd love to hear more about this book.
-- Karen Schoelerman Baxter


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